Kellen Ellis, MFA

Adjunct Instructor

Hello, world! My name is Kellen Ellis. I am an artist and educator who discovered AOEU in the summer of 2020 when I took the course Teaching Art Online. I was in my first year of teaching K-12 art when the pandemic spun us all into virtual learning. I noticed I was one of the few teachers around me who thrived with online teaching platforms. Taking this AOEU class at that time of my career deeply shaped me as a teacher and lifelong learner. I’m genuinely excited my journey has brought me to AOEU!

I came to art education on a non-linear path, starting my career as an artist and finding my love for the classroom as I taught college studio art after my MFA. After two years of teaching undergraduate art courses, I switched paths to get certified and taught elementary art for four years. I’m credentialed to teach K-12 art in Texas and California and currently teach secondary students filmmaking, as well as high school photography and yearbook.

In my art practice, I’m close to launching a short film and scent installation that’s been in production for seven years. This is to say that I work with a variety of mediums in my studio and classroom. Combining handmade perfume with performance, sculpture, and other methods of interactive art is my main research. I live in San Diego with my husband and love cooking, hiking, and beach walks with our dog.

Professional Achievements:

Presenter, NAEA Convention – 2023
Presenter, Texas Art Educators Association Conference – 2022
Grant Recipient, Peggy Pitman Mays Fund for Teacher Excellence – 2021
Finalist, Sadakichi Award, Experimental Work with Scent category, The Art & Olfaction Awards – 2016
Master of Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts & Media – Columbia College Chicago – 2015
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography & Studio Art: Sculpture – Texas State University – 2010