Matt McGhie

Chief Marketing Officer

Hi, I’m Matt and I head up Marketing and Community at AOEU. My professional journey spans over a decade in EdTech, where I’ve been instrumental in growing companies with missions that matter, especially those shaping the future of education.

Outside of work, life is a non-stop adventure. With four kids, my spouse and I enjoy our time together as a family. We stay busy with school (7th, 9th, life skills, college), sports (lacrosse, soccer, basketball, football), church, and occasionally find time to relax on our mountain property. My family grounds me and fuels my passion for creating a better world for them and the next generation.

Being a part of AOEU aligns my professional background with my passion for arts, enabling me to merge my expertise and creativity to better support art classrooms and facilitate deeper connections between our community of educators, students, artists, and lifelong learners.