Melissa Conrady

Adjunct Instructor

Hello, I’m Melissa Conrady, and my journey is defined by a profound commitment to education and nurturing young minds. In 2022, my life was forever enriched by the arrival of my daughter, marking one of the most cherished milestones of my life. Before embracing motherhood, I dedicated myself to academic pursuits, earning a master’s degree in curriculum development with a specialization in instructional coaching. This academic journey laid the foundation for my passion for educational innovation and student empowerment. In 2019, I was entrusted with a pivotal role in my hometown, tasked with establishing and directing the Pre-K to 8th grade art program. This opportunity allowed me to merge my expertise in curriculum development with my love for artistic expression, shaping a vibrant educational environment for young learners.

My journey into education began in the realm of special education, where I discovered a profound sense of purpose in supporting students with diverse learning needs. Drawing from my personal experience with dyslexia, I am impassioned by the opportunity to level the educational playing field and empower students to overcome challenges and thrive. Transitioning into art education has allowed me to marry my love for creativity with my advocacy for inclusive learning environments. It brings me immense joy to witness students with intellectual disabilities excel and find their unique voices through artistic expression.