Studio: Ceramics

Increase your proficiency in various ceramics techniques with studio practice and real-world classroom scenarios while gaining strategies for immediate classroom use.

3 Credits|8 Weeks|$1275

This studio course requires both hands-on artmaking and learning new teaching methodologies. Participants must demonstrate artistic proficiency in various ceramic techniques and translate the medium for classroom use. Participants will examine contemporary and historical ceramics and use this knowledge to practice various handbuilding and surface treatment techniques to develop an original body of work. In addition to studio practice, course participants are required to engage with real-world classroom scenarios, troubleshoot supply management, studio procedures, and art room organization to facilitate the effective implementation of a ceramics curriculum.

See the course syllabus and Graduate Catalog for more details.

Required Materials

Note: Access to a kiln is strongly recommended, but not required.

Additional Materials

  • Computer with basic audio and video input and output equipment
  • Internet access (broadband recommended)
  • Basic computing skills (see AOEU’s Technology Requirements)
  • Access to AOEU’s online learning platform, Brightspace, to view course content, submit assignments, and engage in discussion (provided)
  • A Google Drive account (provided)
  • Word-processing platform (Microsoft Office, Pages, Google Docs)


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