Studio Photography: Getting to Know your SLR Camera

Getting to Know your SLR Camera

Note: A Nikon film camera was used for the following handouts/videos. Even if you do not have a Nikon film camera, many of the functions are universal across camera models. Buttons and access points may simply be in different places on your camera body. It is suggested that you acquire the handbook specific to your camera body to compare and contrast during the videos.

  1. View the handout: Understanding Your 35mm Film Camera (AOEU, 2019)
  2. View the handout: Types Of Film (AOEU, 2019)
  3. Watch Getting Started with your Film Camera (Ackermann, n.d.)
  4. Watch Understanding Exposure (Ackermann, n.d.)
  5. Watch Shutter and Aperture Priority Images (Ackermann, n.d.)
  6. Watch Diving Deeper into Exposure (Ackermann, n.d.)
  7. Watch Bringing it All Together (Ackermann, n.d.)
  8. Watch Prepping for your Shoot (Ackermann, n.d.)

Bonus Material: Loading a Medium Format Camera (Ackermann, n.d.) – You might find yourself experimenting with some vintage cameras down the road. Watch Sarah prep a medium format camera she picked up at an antique store to take on a shoot!