Watercolor Materials List

In lieu of a textbook for this course, we have provided a list of materials for you to obtain to complete your hands-on assignments. Some of these materials you may already own or may be able to get from your school. Others you may need to purchase or order. Below you will see three lists: Required, Optional, and  Suggestions. Some suggestions are linked to supply stores to help you as you research supplies. Please note: Any links are included for your convenience only. Feel free to order or purchase supplies anywhere you wish. 


The following materials are required for this course. Many of these items will be used multiple times throughout the course as well.

Paper towels
Masking fluid or rubber cement
Masking tape and gummed brown tape
Sharpie pen/micron
Watercolor paints: pans, tubes, liquids (two of the three options are required, with 6+ colors in each set)
Watercolor paper: sheets, pads, or blocks in a variety of sizes
Watercolor brushes in a range of sizes: flat, round, filbert, hake/mop or wash, rigger, fan, barrel, detail set, etc.
Water container
Watercolor pencils or watercolor sticks (or both)
Wood board – large enough for your paper and a border
Variety of material for experimental techniques – spray bottle, toothbrush, salt, plastic wrap, masking tape, crayons, rubbing alcohol
Visual Watercolor Journal – 8×10 or larger of bound watercolor paper


Brush cleaner or soap
Bulldog clips
Hair dryer


The specific brands and items below are not required for this course and are listed as some of our favorites. Feel free to do your own research and select watercolor materials that fit your needs and budget. Quality is always preferred over quantity for personal art supplies. See this article, “A Complete List of Supplies for Your New Art Room,” (Balsley, 2016), or the blog post, “That Dreaded Supply Order,” (Stevens 2014) for suggested classroom/student grade recommendations.


Turner Brush Collection, professional set
Santa Fe Paintbrush Set, a good beginner set but not specific to watercolor

Individual high-quality brushes

da Vinci Watercolor Wash/Mop Pure Russian Blue Squirrel, Size 2/0
Round Russian Red Sable, Size 5/0
Simply Simmons 8 round synthetic mix

Would you like more information and reviews of watercolor brushes? Check out these two articles:
10 Best Watercolor Brushes: Reviews of Quality Watercolor Brush Sets” by Morning Chores
The Best Watercolor Brushes for Beginners” by Scratchmade Journal


Dr. Martin’s Liquid Watercolor Set
Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil Set
Shinhan Tube Watercolors
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Pan Sets
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Sticks

Confused about what type of paints to purchase? Check out this article for a few great recommendations, “13 Best Watercolor Paint Sets Both Beginners and Professional Artists Will Love,” by Jessica Steward (2017).


Yupo paper
Strathmore Watercolor Paper Pack 5″x 7″
Cold Press Strathmore Watercolor 140 lb Paper 8″x 10″
Hot Press Strathmore 140 lb Paper 8″x 10″
Large sheets of Watercolor paper, 11”x 14” – 22”x 30”