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Introducing 1-2-3 A-R-T

After a year of virtual learning, kindergartners may need some help with their social skills and decreasing their screen dependence. How can we overcome these challenges so our youngest artists succeed in the classroom? Join Lindsey Moss as she shares tips and tricks for success with kindergarteners this school year!

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When Art Meets Math

Calculate the return on investment you—and your career—could see with a master’s degree.

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Art Therapy, SLOs, and Collaborative Projects for Elementary

August PRO Packs will help you find success with guiding collaborative projects for elementary students, incorporating art therapy techniques into your teaching practice, and understanding student learning objectives (SLOs) in the art room.


Preparing for another not-so-normal year.

Return to the classroom prepared to handle anything that comes your way. Find the support you need to confidently start the year with our back-to-school toolkit, designed to empower you to navigate whatever challenges you may face.

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The long-awaited first episode of The Art of SEL is in your podcast feed!

Tune in as host Jonathan Juravich talks to educators and experts about how we can help ourselves and our students understand thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors and why that understanding is crucial right now.

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