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The Friendly Loom: A Chance for Collaborative Art

Are you looking for something new to add to your classroom that…

  1. Will serve as an engaging content-rich free time activity?
  2. Requires very little maintenance or material?
  3. Can be used by students across several grade levels?
  4. Will produce a breathtaking piece of collaborative art?

friendly loom 1 copy

If so, you should consider purchasing the Friendly Loom.

Although it requires an initial investment, this piece of art room “furniture” serves so many purposes that I can’t imagine teaching without it. Once this simple, large-scale loom is set up it can be used as part of a weaving lesson, a reward for good behavior, an activity for fast finishers, or even a fine-arts night family interaction project.

friendly loom 3 copy

I have used it in all of these ways in my classroom, and we all love it!  It stores flat up against a wall, and when I want to use it I can simply pull it out with my tub of yarn and a few pairs of scissors. Up to eight students can work on it at a time, and once the whole thing is finished (we are trying to do one a year) you are left with a beautiful tapestry suitable for hanging in the school office or hallway. Consider the Friendly Loom for your classroom!

friendly loom 2 copy

What kinds of multi-purpose equipment do you use?

How do you fund larger purchases like this?

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Sarah Dougherty

Sarah Dougherty, a visual arts curriculum coordinator, is a former AOEU Writer and elementary school art educator. She loves working with diverse populations to bring art into students’ homes, communities, and everyday lives.

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