Organize Your Piles in 5 Minutes or Less!

Recently, I was getting overwhelmed by my growing collection of signs that I put up with my student’s artwork in the hallway. The signs feature important information about the displayed projects such as the image or concept that inspired the work and the grade level that completed it. I like to keep them especially if they feature a project that was successful and effective. I also make sure to get them laminated so I don’t have to waste money reprinting them a second time!

Previously, I had been keeping them in grade-level order in a giant stack, but as I was putting the most recent ones away, I kept getting frustrated trying to find the extras or slide them into the proper places.  My solution-oriented brain went straight into “SOLVE THIS NOW” mode.  I racked my brain and immediately remembered an organizing hack I’d seen: labeling binder clips.  I quickly grabbed my metallic silver Sharpie and some binder clips from my desk, and had my solution completed in less than 5 minutes.


I liked this solution so much that I quickly made some binder clips for my extra quantities of rubrics as well.

The benefits of keeping a metallic Sharpie on hand are endless:  labeling iPads, labeling drawing books, labeling reading books, labeling shelves – basically writing on anything that is too dark for regular Sharpie!

What’s the latest art room hack you’ve found?

How do you keep your documents and handouts organized?


Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek


Alecia is an elementary art teacher in central Iowa who is passionate about teaching and reaching her students with an innovative and meaningful arts education.


  • Matthew Martinez

    I have a similar method. Instead, I put the papers I need for the day by class period in my documentation/grade book binder (its one of the 3 inch ones) since it is divided by class period anyway.

    • Alecia Eggers

      That sounds like a great daily method!

  • Lisa

    I love quick tips like these!! Thanks!

  • Jocelyn

    Great idea! I never thought to save my signs! I always just end up tossing them. What was I thinking?! Great tip and thanks!

    • Laminate them and you can re-use them every year! I saved mine, but didn’t take that extra step to laminate and they only lasted 2-3 years.

  • C. W. Artsy

    OMG! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! Can’t wait to try this.

  • LAHeinig

    I store posters for units together like this! It is so nice to start a unit on Japan and just pull the binder clip that says “Japan” down from my super tall cabinet. Love binder clips!