AOE LIVE: Episode 4: Making it Work with Cassie Stephens: Talking Passion and Fashion with The World’s Best Dressed Art Teacher



Art Teacher, Blogger, and Fashion Inspiration Cassie Stephens stops in to AOE LIVE to talk about her fashion creations, her teaching style, her passions, and how to remain authentic as teachers as we tell the stories of how we came to be where we are today.









Here are a few of the articles discussed and a few other gems from the Art of Ed:

Some articles to inspire your lessons:

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Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Elizabeth Rubenstein

    Wanted to try this as my first episode but didn’t get past minute four. Andrew McCormick’s constant “Uh”s were to hard for me to filter out. Please, please, please find a host who can talk and interview without saying “uhhh” all the time.

    • Hey Elizabeth – thanks for the feedback! I think both of our excellent hosts would agree they’re far from perfect, but I’ll If you want my $0.02, I’d say they’re rocking their new gig pretty hard!

      I hope you won’t let a small thing like a few errant “uh’s” ruin #aoelive for you. In each episode we’re working hard to diving deep into some serious Art Ed uh, issues, and I’m sure you’ll eventually uh, find something you can uh…. sink your teeth into! ;)

      If not, thanks for giving #aoelive a try – hopefully some of our articles, videos, lesson plans, conference or classes will better fit your fancy!

    • Cassie Stephens

      Hi Elizabeth! I’m so sad you decided not to give the interview a listen. As a guest, I found both Tim and Andrew to be excellent hosts! I wonder…did you perhaps watch the original unedited version where we three were attempting to hash out the bugs? That was the only part I can think of that might have been uninteresting to you. I hope you’ll give it another listen…it truly was fun chatting with these guys!

      • Elizabeth Rubenstein

        thanks- perhaps watching would be better than just listening to the podcast… will give it another shot sometime – thanks for your responses!!!