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Shhh…Shop Here for Amazing Art Finds

As I was strolling through my favorite bookstore, my keen art eye was catching glimpses of FANTASTIC art-related items! We all know there are amazing art books out there, but I also found items that spark creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They build upon art concepts and techniques. So, the next time you’re looking for gifts, don’t forget to check out your local establishment.

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite finds in various sections of the bookstore!


Gift and Stationary Section

Here, I spotted things like wooden mannequins, wooden hands, and even wooden cats and dogs! There were also art supplies…real ones!

bookstore finds

Games, Puzzles, and TV Paraphernalia Section

Not only were there Lego Architecture sets but problem-solving games you can’t find in other stores.

Discount Section

There are always awesome bargain items here. I like to pick up how-to-draw books as well as coffee table books about artists or art movements. If they’re cheap enough, I also pick up art kits for various prizes throughout the school year.

bookstore finds

Toy Section

Let’s get real. My kid-in-a-candy-store mania kicked in when I wandered into the “toys” section! With signs that say things like “Renew a Love of Learning,” how can you go wrong? I really wanted to buy all.the.things., but alas, I just reminisced with some old favorites and ogled the new and improved items. There seemed to be something for every budding artist, fashionista, architect, or scientist!

bookstore finds

Kids’ Books Section

I LOVE story books, especially those about art. I integrate them whenever I can. So, this is kind of obvious because it’s a bookstore, but I wanted to point out three things that made me smile in the kids’ section. First was their main display about all things art…they’re catching on! The second was an awesome section dedicated to the biographies of famous people, the “Who Was…” series. So far, they have featured at least 10 artists and illustrators! The last area was the kids’ art activity books which are great for ideas and inspiration.

bookstore finds

The Actual Art Book Section

This section is fantastic for coffee table books. There are also books about specific artists, artworks, art history, and specific mediums.


Not only did I find great gift ideas but also inspiration and tools for lessons and projects. Normally, a bookstore isn’t the first place one thinks of when wanting to be artistically inspired. But, I know where my first stop will be the next time I need a little inspiration…or to stock up on my art book addiction!

Can’t find a book superstore near you?  You can always check them out online!

What are your favorite places to buy art gifts? 

Where else have you found artistic gems outside of an art store?


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Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek

Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek, an elementary school art educator, is a former AOEU Writer. She is passionate about teaching and reaching students through an innovative and meaningful arts education.

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