The Top 10 Podcasts for Art Teachers

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Note: Since this article was first published, we’ve launched Art Ed Radio: A Podcast for Art Teachers

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“Hey, everybody, this is Andrew McCormick.” If you didn’t know me, this might be how I would introduce myself to you. More recently, it’s been my opening greeting on AOE LIVE, a bi-monthly podcast produced by Tim Bogatz, another AOE team member, and myself.

Here at AOE, we realize that podcasts are hot right now! Podcast apps are now coming standard on many mobile devices and even are incorporated into cars. We thought, “Hey, wait a minute! Why aren’t there any podcasts for art teachers?” Thus, AOE LIVE was born. Now you can get The Art of Ed’s Ridiculously Relevant professional development in your home, car, or classroom!

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While AOE LIVE might be the first and only podcast specifically geared toward art teachers, there are so many more of interest.

Today I’m recommending my Top 10 Podcasts for Art Teachers. Dig in!


1. NPR Education

Stay up to date on the current educational developments from around the country. Just be careful to monitor your blood pressure when segments about standardized testing come on!


2. The EPT Podcast

Join host Adnan Iftekhar as he interviews big names in education about all things education, productivity, and technology. I’ve learned so many great little tips from some of the most connected, rockstar teachers out there.

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3. KCRW’s Art Talk

KCRW puts on some great shows and Art Talk is no exception. Their podcast is a great way to beef up on contemporary art and artists.

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4. Invisibilia

There are some podcasts that are filled with great content. Then there are those podcasts where the production values transform it into something more… a work of art. Invisibilia is beautifully put together. It’s a great landscape of audio awesomeness exploring the hidden side of human nature. After listening to Invisibilia, you won’t look at life the same way.

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5. TED Radio Hour

Who doesn’t love TED talks? There are plenty of ideas “worth sharing” added every day in the realm of culture, technology, education, and design. I’ve grown to enjoy the TED Radio Hour podcast even more than TED’s wonderful YouTube channel.

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6. Radiolab from WNYC

This is another podcast that is an experience, not just simple audio. Simply put, WYNC explores stories that no one else is even thinking of while employing some of the most innovative sound work out there.  A must listen.

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7. Stuff you Should Know

Join the hilarious Josh and Chuck as they take a big picture look at some of most mundane topics out there.  I constantly think there’s no possible way they’re going to make the topics interesting. But they never fail to deliver the goods. The chemistry and camaraderie these two have is infectious.

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8. This American Life

This American Life is the absolute gold standard of podcasting.  Created by Ira Glass and WBEZ in Chicago, This American Life has been on top of the podcasting world since iTunes was created. This American Life has created 558 episodes and I’m proud to say I have listened to all 558 of them!  When I teach pre-service teachers I even incorporate a few of episodes into our syllabus.

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9. 99% Invisible

This one absolutely snuck up on me about a year ago and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since. Inspired by a Buckminster Fuller quote, 99% Invisible explores the hidden side of architecture and design. Producer Roman Mars finds hidden nuggets of how the world we live in was designed.

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And last but not least, AOE LIVE hosted by these lugs.

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It’s a podcast for and by art teachers. We go more in depth with guests, issues, and content sure to resonate with art teachers.  It’s been a blast to see our podcasting skills grow from episode to episode, and Tim and I look forward to growing AOE LIVE for a long time to come.

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So take Jessica’s advice on layering and dig into some podcasts while you’re on your commute, at home, or cleaning your room during prep time. Want even more podcast recommendations? Check out this list of honorable mentions.

  • KCRW’s DnA: Design & Architecture
  • Serial
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Fresh Air

In addition, I’ve excluded a few of my favorite podcasts that journey into more political and possible “not safe for work” content.  Some of my favorite podcasts are done by comedians. Definitely NSFW!

 What are your favorite podcasts? When do you like to listen?

What else would you add to this list?


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Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick, a STEAM, PBL, and tech integration specialist, is a former AOEU Writer and middle school art educator.

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