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Andrew McCormick

Adjunct Graduate Instructor

Hey everybody, my name is Andrew McCormick. I’m a Middle School Art Teacher in Johnston, IA where I currently teach 8th and 9th graders (I know it’s kind of an unusual gig to teach middle school and high school students at the same time). I graduated with my B.A. in Art Education from the University of Northern Iowa. Before landing my first teaching job in 2005, I attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where I received an M.F.A. in Sculpture. I taught for four years as a part time elementary/ part time high school teacher, followed by a brief stint as an Art Education Instructor at my alma mater. I like to tell people I’ve taught art at all levels, from elementary to adults. My own pedagogy focuses on STEAM Education and Choice Based Education, technology integration in the art room, Standards Based Grading, and Project Based Learning.

When not teaching, I’m busy with my wonderful family. My three kids keep me busy with volunteer opportunities; sports, LEGO League, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I’m a super nerdy gardener, occasional runner, and unapologetic podcastphile… it that’s really a word?!

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