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New Online Course Announced—Studio: Glitter and Glue Sticks (April Fools’!)

Note: This was our April Fools’ Article from 2016. If you’re interested in any of AOE’s fantastic other (and real) courses, you can find those here!

Today, the Art of Education is happy to announce our newest online course, Studio: Glitter and Glue Sticks!

Glitter and Glue white bck

What we love:

This class is unique because it incorporates a wide variety of glitter and glue-based models from the art education and general education world. You will have a chance to immerse yourself in the world of glitter, understand the many strengths of glue sticks, and develop a customized roadmap to extensively use each of these materials in your classroom right away.

What you’ll love:

The resources in this class are a veritable treasure trove of resources and possibilities – a testament to the versatility of glitter! You will find in-depth documents showing the best ways to implement the use of glitter throughout your curriculum. There are also project examples and case studies from art teachers around the world who have used glitter and glue sticks with continued success.

And, as with all of our studio classes, you have the chance to talk with teachers and peers about your sticky, sparkly curriculum and the unique projects of your own that you will be creating! For example, check out the Rothko-inspired piece below done by AOE student Kimberly Smith.

glitter Rothko

Course Description:

Art educators have, for far too long, dismissed both the qualities of glitter and the strength and flexibility that comes with glue sticks. No longer! Through this class, you will research the most popular contemporary collaborative education models, encompassing both school-wide initiatives and project work exclusive to the art room. Topics explored include the aesthetics of shimmer, preventive measures to avoid pneumosparklyosis (AKA glitter lung), the history and origins of glue sticks, and much more!

Participants will leave the class with a better understanding of glitter and glue-based work that will benefit an individual program, as well as a plan to actively re-design and customize a curriculum to incorporate the world of sparkle and shine. What student wouldn’t be happy to do gesture drawing if they got to use glitter glue!?

gesture glitter

Although you can’t take this course for grad credit, you can log 120 contact hours of professional development, diving deeply into the logistics of glitter, and even make your own glitter from scratch with the special recipe we’ve developed.

If you are ready to gain the confidence to move forward using these tools without hesitation, join us! Become a leader in your own classroom and school by harnessing the power of glitter!

Course Takeaways:

  • Research the most popular brands of glitter, the most effective types of glue sticks, and unique ways to combine the two that result in some incredible projects.
  • Learn from art educators who are successfully implementing glitter and glue in everyday lessons as well as large-scale undertakings.
  • Re-design areas of your curriculum to better facilitate the incorporation of glitter.
  • Create advocacy tools to help allay concerns about glitter and glue craft and its qualities.
  • Discover the science behind glitter, including varying granule sizes, color theory and mixing, Sustained Sparkle Rate (SSR), and archival quality glitter (for when posterity is a concern).

You can enroll in this class today-120 PD Contact hours in just 4 weeks! The inaugural run date is this May. We are offering a 10% discount on the enrollment today only–just enter the code APRILFOOLS at checkout!

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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Timothy Bogatz

Tim Bogatz is AOEU’s Content & PD Event Manager and a former AOEU Writer and high school art educator. He focuses on creativity development, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking skills in the art room.

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