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15 Memes Only Art Teachers Will Understand

unicorn barfing

All art teachers have their challenges. But some things are specific to art teachers: the messy paintbrush left in the sink, remembering 500 different students on conference night, the struggle to keep your room organized when people are constantly bringing you “donations.” These are the things of art teacher nightmares.

But, at the same time, we love our jobs. After all, we get to help students develop their creativity by making beautiful artwork! Being an art teacher is amazing and exhausting all at the same time. If you’re feeling stressed, here’s a little humor to help you out and let you know you’re not alone.

The Life of An Art Teacher as Told Through Memes

Art teachers are magical creatures full of rainbows and glitter.

unicorn barfing
Original image via Know Your Meme

Sometimes, we may go a bit overboard when collecting art materials.

messy meme
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However, we love a great art pun.

if it ain't baroque meme
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Or two.

oh the hue manatee meme
Gif via We Know Memes

Or three.

Monday Lisa
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We have our struggles,

full moon meme
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and we rise to meet them.

frida kahlo meme
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There are things that annoy us,

munch meme
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and, sometimes, the art teacher life gets frustrating.

medusa meme
Original image via WikiArt

But there are also moments of unexpected freedom.

class on a field trip meme
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We work to teach our students the ways of the artist.

apron meme
Meme via iPadArtRoom

and we “bring it,” every single day,

demo meme
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all while finding time to work on our own art.

painting and death meme
Image via ME.ME

We may be tired at the end of the week,

4pm Friday meme
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but, in the end…

sound of music meme
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Hopefully, theses memes made you smile! Memes also are perfect for use in the classroom. Check out three ways to use them and try this fun project while you’re at it!

Did these memes put a little more pep in your step? If you’re looking for more ways to feel content in your classroom, be sure to check out the Curbing Art Teacher Burnout PRO Learning Pack. You’ll discover simple steps and routines to keep yourself feeling energized throughout the school year. Learn effortless strategies for expediting your grading and whittling down your to-do list with efficient prepping and flipped classroom content!

Do you have any good art memes? Post one (or 10) in the comment section!

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