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15 Things Art Teachers Actually Want for the Holidays

Smart Girl Thinking and Making Strategies

The holiday season is upon us. What’s on your list? A new apron? Art socks? The Bob Ross game?

Sure, any art teacher would welcome those. But, what do art teachers REALLY want for the holidays? Let’s take a look.

15 Things Art Teachers Actually Want for the Holidays

1. An entire class period where no one says, “Like this?”

Smart Girl Thinking and Making Strategies

2. To go to the bathroom whenever they want.


3. A manicure that lasts for more than one day.


4. A drying rack where all of the shelves stay up until they are needed.

drying rack

5. Clean sinks.

clean sink

6. An administrator who says, “I got you a sub so you could set up the art show.”

art show

7. A sub who actually follows the plans.

sub plans

8. A group of kindergartners that stays on topic for the duration of a 5-minute discussion.

Profile view of a group of preschool students raising their hands and trying to participate at school

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9. A class where one student asking to go to the bathroom does not create a chain reaction.

Schoolkids raising their hands in classroom

10. Extra storage space.

storage space

11. A clay unit where no one makes anything inappropriate.

recycled clay

12. An entire day where students from other classes do not interrupt to ask for supplies.

construction paper on shelf

13. Glue bottles that never clog.

glue bottle

14. One full month where no one asks them to “Make a quick poster.”

poster supplies

15. To not have to answer the question, “Where are the (insert art supply that has been in plain view for the entirety of the semester)?”

table caddy

There you have it! 15 things any art teacher would love for the holidays. Now, if we could only figure out how to wrap them…

What’s on your holiday wish list this year? 

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? 

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Amanda Heyn

Amanda Heyn is AOEU’s Director of K–12 PD & Media and a former AOEU Writer and elementary art educator. She enjoys creating relevant and engaging professional development just for art teachers.

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