Hamlin Krewson

Systems Support Analyst

I worked for a local managed services provider where we were lucky enough to work with the terrific team of individuals at AOEU. During that time, I made great connections with many of the people here. When I left that position, AOEU remained on my radar as a top contender of places I’d love to work.

I went to college at Iowa State University and received two degrees from the College of Design there. While I was a student, I had zero money to pay anyone else to fix my computer (an Apple Performa 6115CD), so I learned through trial and error how to do so myself.

After graduating, I realized that nothing in my educational career had really prepared me to understand and navigate setting myself up as an independent illustrator. Since I’d gained a lot of knowledge fixing and upgrading my computers over the years, I decided to take a job at a local computer repair shop. I’d intended it to be a way to make money while figuring out the independent illustration thing.

One thing led to another, and I found that I was not only very good at what I was doing, but I truly enjoyed it! I’ve made a lifelong career of helping others, whether that’s to solve a technology woe, automate a process, or help a peer learn something new.

I still get my pen and paper out or sketch here and there. I’m a fan of the ProCreate app on iOS, and I enjoy designing furniture in SketchUp. I believe furniture should not be based on a basic premise but should indeed be customized to you and your need.

I believe we, as humans, have near complete control over how we view the world around us and how we react. Growing up, my mom always told me that nobody else could make me angry/happy/sad/etc., that this was internal to my brain and entirely in my control. That learning has become one of the bedrocks of who I am, and has morphed into one of my two personal mottos: “Life is…” The other motto being a statement my grandfather made to me when I was playing on his living room floor at the age of four. He looked down at me and barked out, “Cheer up! It’ll get worse.”

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Jamf 100
  • Jamf 200
  • Network+
  • Apple Certified Support Professional