Sean Dunne

Regional Sales Manager

I never really considered myself a salesman. I simply enjoy doing meaningful work, helping

others, and solving problems. Doing these things with zeal and joy has equated to a fulfilling career. I have to describe my career not as a linear progression but as a complex swirl of celebrations, setbacks, triumphs, and rebirths across a span of years.

I come to AOEU with a background as an advocate for other underrepresented areas in K-12 education. Most of my experience involves helping school libraries and librarians become the hub of information for their school community through better technology. I have spent the last three years straddling the space between K-12 and higher education in providing teachers with online graduate credit PD pathways and advanced online degrees.

In my free time, I am usually working on a project around my house or yard. My wife, two teenage girls, and I live in the Chicago area and enjoy being active in our community through many volunteer organizations. I love golf, BBQ, and most warm-weather outdoor activities!