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Changing the world can be fun!

We’re a fast-growing, innovative, higher education institution. We serve tens of thousands of art teachers (and as a consequence, millions of students) around the world and we’re looking for inspiring and motivated team members who can help us put a big dent in the universe. If you’re ready to work with other motivated team members, and you’d like a rewarding challenge, review our open positions, below!

Please call our Team & Culture line at 515-206-9226 with any questions.

★ Product Support Specialist [Remote, FT]

We are looking to expand our School Success team by hiring a problem-solving, tech-savvy troubleshooting, smile-inducing product support specialist. Is that you?

You are the person we need if you find joy in helping individuals find solutions to their problems. You will be working with teachers and internal company stakeholders as they navigate AOEU’s online platforms as well as many other applications. While troubleshooting individual issues, you will need to have both a training heart to help those who can’t figure it out and a clever mind to know when issues are systemic and need a deeper diagnosis.

★ Adjunct Instructor [Remote, PTE]

The Art of Education University (AOEU) is seeking new online adjunct instructors. A terminal degree (PhD, EdD, or MFA) is preferred for consideration. A master’s degree is required and will be considered when paired with unique specializations that meet the university’s needs.

Remote adjunct instructors play a key role in providing a world-class learning experience to our students—primarily professional K-12 art educators. This role involves providing inspiring instruction as well as engaging facilitation and discussion in addition to fair assessment and evaluation of student work.

★ Graphic Designer [Remote, FT]

The Art of Education University (AOEU) is seeking a highly creative and skilled graphic designer to join our rapidly growing team. This individual will collaborate with the team and design various print and digital projects aligned with AOEU’s mission and brand. This individual must be highly motivated, capable of delivering creative ideas, and possess fantastic attention to detail. The successful candidate thrives in a fast-paced environment, has excellent communication and technical skills.

★ Director of Admissions [Remote, FT]

The Director of Admissions provides strategic direction and leadership for results-oriented enrollment for the admissions, overseeing outreach initiatives and strategic data-driven decision-making. This position serves as a collaborative partner with the Dean of Student Services and the marketing department to ensure the University maximizes enrollment and graduation rates in accordance with the institution’s mission to serve art teachers.

This role involves a wide variety of highly complex duties with responsibilities in enrollment management, academic policy and procedure, marketing, recruitment, admission, and customer service. Requires the ability to think creatively and work strategically with data.

The Director of Admissions requires a high degree of interpersonal communication skills to exchange information with stakeholders both inside and outside the University. Performance of responsibilities has a significant impact upon the budget, reputation, reaccreditation, and operations of the University. This role is responsible for upholding the DEAC Code of Ethics for ethical recruitment practices. Travel may be required in his or her performance of the essential functions of this position.

★ Director of Compliance [Remote, FT]

The Director of Compliance provides strategic direction and leadership to support the rapid growth of a cutting-edge art education university. This position develops, trains, and monitors a comprehensive compliance program throughout the university. Compliance is their advocate, not their barrier.

The Director of Compliance ensures that all employees have access to the knowledge, support, and guidance to conduct their work in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards, while also being empowered to ask new questions and push ideas forward.

This position works collaboratively both vertically and horizontally within the university to ensure best practices are conducted and upheld and advises the team on a range of regulatory matters, such as launching new products and strategically positioning current products.

★ Podcast Host [Remote, Contractor]

The Art of Education University is looking to expand its podcast network. We are looking for individuals to write and host both ongoing and miniseries podcasts. Podcasters must have K-12 art experience, strong writing and communication skills, a confident presence on the microphone, technology proficiency, enthusiasm and knowledge of trends and best practices in art education, and the ability to adhere to strict deadlines. [Part-Time, Contracted, Remote]

★ FLEX Curriculum Content Producer [Remote, Contractor]

Do you love writing lesson plans, researching artists, or developing ideas for innovative assessments and resources? Increase your impact in the field of Art Education as a FLEX Producer. We are looking for individuals to produce original lessons (we’ll send you a professional light kit to make your work shine!) resources, and assessments based upon your interests and skills. Are you looking for a way to earn money on the side? We will look at all applications on a rolling basis. [Project Based, Contracted, Remote]

★ PRO Facilitator [Remote, Contractor] 

PRO Learning is the only on-demand professional development platform designed for K-12 art teachers. Hundreds of school districts across the country utilize PRO to give their visual arts team training, hands-on tutorials, and resources. We are always looking for talented art educators to facilitate PRO Packs. Ideal candidates are experts in art education who are passionate about sharing best practices with others. Facilitators must be extremely comfortable on camera. Previous experience providing PD for others or creating video content is a plus. We review applications on a rolling basis. If we have an opportunity that we feel you are a good fit for, we will reach out. [Project Based, Contracted, Remote]

 ★ Video Content Creator [Remote, Contractor]

The Art of Education University is seeking exceptional educators to produce video content for its YouTube channel, which has over 8,000 subscribers. Video Content Creators submit written proposals and scripts, along with corresponding video content for a predetermined amount of episodes. Video Content Creators must have K-12 art experience, strong writing and communication skills, confident camera presence, technology proficiency, enthusiasm and knowledge of trends and best practices in art education, and the ability to adhere to strict deadlines. [Part-Time, Contracted, Remote]

 ★ Magazine Writer [Remote, Contractor]

The Art of Education University is seeking exceptional educators to write for its online magazine, which receives over 800,000 views per month. Writers submit three articles, along with 3-4 original photos each month. Writers must have classroom art experience, strong writing and communication skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of trends and best practices in art education, and the ability to adhere to strict deadlines. [Part-Time, Contracted, Remote]

 ★ Conference Presenter [Remote, Contractor]

Art Ed NOW is an amazing twice-annual online conference attended by more than 4,000 art teachers annually. This event features some of the most brilliant minds and innovative ideas in Art Ed. Apply here to present. [Contracted, Single-Event, Remote]

What’s it like to be on the AOEU team?

Building new things and improving the world is hard work, but it’s also a whole lot of fun! Meet the AOEU Family.

Our Team Pillars

Abundance Mentality

Your success is my success. AOEU team members focus on what we have (abundance) versus what we don’t (scarcity). We assume the best in each other. We lift each other up and celebrate team successes. We rally for the betterment of the mission, regardless of job description. We know delivering on the mission today is the best way to achieve success tomorrow.

Adult Culture

AOEU team members are trusted to do great work and consider feedback a gift. We give and receive timely feedback using Radical Candor: Caring Personally while Challenging Directly. We provide feedback in the future tense, focused on opportunity and growth instead of blame and shame. We demonstrate professional maturity by talking with each other, not about each other, and exhibit integrity in all interactions.


As part of a remote team, AOEU team members must be effective transparent communicators. Communication creates trust, and lack of communication creates fear. When in doubt, we over-communicate. We proactively pick up the phone, leave our cameras on, and meet in person when possible to strengthen our connections. Great work never excuses poor communication.

Pace and Change

In order to fulfill our mission, AOEU team members are flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing reality around us. What got us here won’t necessarily get us there. AOEU team members are at their best when they’re doing work they love: work they’re uniquely skilled at. We know that striving to find our perfect fit within the institution is the key to long-term success and happiness.

Lifelong Learner

AOEU team members have a growth mindset. We have never “arrived.” We have our own areas of expertise but are always seeking new depth and breadth of knowledge. We utilize the AOEU Lifelong Learning Fund to grow our skills and gain new perspectives. Learning is both formal and informal and is shared openly with the team for all to benefit.


AOEU team members embrace responsibility and ownership. Our ownership mindset drives us not to fulfill the expectations of others but to fulfill the mission. We exhibit a strong bias for action and carry out the “see it, own it, solve it, do it” cycle successfully. We see leadership as a mindset, not a job title. We don’t let roadblocks stop us. When in doubt, we ask for forgiveness, not permission.


AOEU team members know business can be an incredibly powerful way to positively impact the world. We add value to society by serving art teachers and fulfilling the mission, and only then will we achieve sustainability and growth. We are not a traditional university. We are not a public school. We are not a cutthroat business. We are a unique hybrid learning-institution, paving a mission-first path toward success.

Whole Person

Personal well-being is vital to our success in both work and life. AOEU team members don’t see work and life as a scale that can be balanced. They recognize that a rising tide lifts all ships. Success at work gives rise to success at home. Success at home gives rise to success at work. Our work gives us essential purpose and meaning, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle to true fulfillment.

AOEU is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment are based on merit, competence, performance, and institutional need. We proudly welcome prospective and active team members as unique individuals with dignity and respect. We do not discriminate or offer preferential treatment.

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