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Lynn Sisler

Hey, everyone! My name is Lynn Sisler, and I am an interdisciplinary artist and educator. I completed a BFA in painting and a minor in art history from Northern Illinois University in 1991, an MSEd in reading and literacy from Walden University in 2006, and I will graduate with an MFA from Maine College of Art in May 2021.

I consider myself a visual storyteller and eco-activist, leaning into the world through intuitive sensory experiences and translating the dialogue which unfolds within my artistic process to my paintings and ceramic sculptures. My studio practice constructs visual narratives; folkloric-like animal and human-animal hybrid figures collaborate to create thoughtful consciousness about humankind’s relationship to the Earth and the connectedness within all species.

 I was an elementary classroom teacher for twelve years, integrating art into all subjects of the curriculum whenever I could. After that, I became an elementary art teacher for grades 2–4. Always looking for ways to engage all of my students, I developed a student-centered curriculum and a new classroom management system based on the frameworks of Teaching for Artistic Behaviors (TAB); I was able to do this successfully, in large part, by taking several courses from AEOU and implementing those practices in my classroom.

 I love to inspire my students to see themselves as artists, begin to trust themselves and their process, and collaborate. Though most of my teaching experience is with elementary school children, I believe the same principles apply to people of all ages—a teacher’s job is to cultivate agency and purpose, no matter where you are on life’s trajectory. My passion lies in mentoring students to develop their self-fulfillment, support their future aspirations, and partner with them in creative endeavors.

I am driven to learn new things and to experience life to the fullest. I play the fiddle, run, hike in the woods (even in the winter!), spend time in my studio, travel as much as possible, and enjoy spending time with my partner, Mark, and our two cats, Iggy and Hazel. I’m genuinely thrilled to be a member of the AOEU team.

Professional Achievements:

Northern Illinois University Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (1991)

Northern Illinois University Bachelor’s Degree (2022)

Walden University Master’s Degree (2005)

Maine College of Art Master in Fine Arts Degree (2021)

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