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Theresa Gillespie

Associate Professor & Academic Advisor

Theresa Gillespie has over 20 years experience in the classroom teaching art in a very diverse school district. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from Augustana College in 1992 and her Master’s degree in Education and Technology from Western Governor’s University in 2010. She is well versed in teaching to a very diverse student population which includes English language learners, accelerated learners, and those needing differentiated instruction. She also has expertise in curriculum development, behavior interventions, arts integration, and technology integration. She enjoys teaching all ages of students, including adults, through graduate-level online courses and hands-on classes in her art studio.

Theresa is passionate about the creative art process and enjoys any chance she gets to explore different art media and techniques. She enjoys helping art teachers both meet the needs of their students as well as expanding their own art experiences.

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