Jumpstart Learning

We believe you are passionate, capable, and strong. When things feel tough, lean into this community of art teachers for support. We want you to hear this message loud and clear: You can do this.

Jumpstart Your Year with These Back-to-School Resources

From classroom management and supply budgets, to hiring practices and visual arts funding, we’ve got you covered with these back-to-school resources.

One-Day Lessons to Use Now or Later

Back-to-school is a great time to stockpile some one-day lessons you can use to bridge the gap between units, pull for substitute teachers, or introduce when you and your students need a change of pace.

Hot Topics for Back-to-School

Helping students find success within our art programs requires adjusting our instructional practices to meet their needs. Learn more about these relevant topics below.

Classroom Management
Learning Loss

Funniest Classroom Moment:

“I was being observed during a high school painting lesson on color. As part the painting project, students had to invent and name their own color. One of my students, who is not a native speaker, showed me a grayish blue color that she invented and named “Placenta.” Before I could say anything, she proudly explained “It’s like magenta but with a “p.” It was at that moment when painting class turned into a health lesson. Once I explained what placenta meant we all, including my principal, had a good belly laugh.”

Barbara Resto, SD

What you do in the art room matters!

Research confirms what art teachers have known for a long time — visual arts education supports students’ academic and social development. Even if you don’t tackle cross-curricular or arts integration, research shows that art for arts’ sake has an impact.

Hidden in Plain Sight

What helps you feel supported?

“I’ve enjoyed having the AOEU community and the discussions with other art teachers. We are so isolated on our campuses that you start to feel like you are on an island without anyone else. Having the lessons and different formats (like NOW) where you can bounce ideas off of hundreds if not thousands of other people has been a lifesaver. ”

Art Teacher in Texas


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