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Printmaking Studio

Studio: Printmaking

One of the many wonderful aspects of visual art is that it has so many disciplines. That variety is often one of the reasons it attracted us as educators, but when we are counted on to provide instruction for all the myriad types of art, there is a danger of becoming a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. The Art of Education University’s studio courses are designed to help you develop in mediums that you are unfamiliar with or want to get better at. For many disciplines, art teachers haven’t studied them seriously since college. Now, you are the art teacher in a classroom. You have a wide variety of types of printmaking to teach but which one to focus on and how? Intaglio prints are great, but you aren’t going to be using acid with your students anytime soon. If you teach elementary, you might rely heavily on foam printing. High school teacher? Perhaps you are stuck on linoleum prints. There are so many other advanced options to explore.

This class will break down various printmaking processes that you can use with your students at any age level without fancy equipment and with all of the safety and developmentally appropriate information you need. You will try out various monoprint techniques, image transfers, traditional and nontraditional linocuts, collagraphs and many other unique and alternative processes—no press or chemicals necessary.

As you create useful tools and finished pieces for the classroom, you will also learn how to break printmaking skills down for your students in a developmentally appropriate way and revamp your printmaking curriculum from the inside out!

Supplies Needed

To complete this course you will need some basic printmaking tools and supplies, many of which you most likely already own. View the materials list for this course.

Graduate Credits
All courses will now close at 11 PM Central time on the 27th of each month. Graduate Credits 3 Graduate Credits
Price Graduate Credit $1047.00
Upcoming Course Run Dates
May 1 Jun 25
Jun 1 Jul 26
Jul 1 Aug 25
Aug 1 Sep 25
Sep 1 Oct 26
AOEU Course Code
Morningside Course Code
EDUC500 AOE025

Course Outcomes

  • Create a wide variety of prints while experimenting with new techniques.
  • Learn from art educators and printmaking experts from around the country who understand the challenges of teaching printmaking to students.
  • Create resources, tools and hands-on printmaking examples to use directly in the classroom.
  • Research best practices in the management and organization of printmaking.
  • Push your own personal practice to the next level while revamping your printmaking curriculum.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
History and Process
  1. Review and research the history and science behind printmaking.
  2. Create an instructional tool to better teach printmaking processes in your classroom.
Week 2
Technique: Monoprints
  1. Learn new and innovative ways to spice up monoprinting in the classroom.
  2. Explore two new monoprinting techniques and document your process.
Week 3
Technique: Linoleum Prints
  1. Watch a demonstration on safety, management and technique for both traditional and nontraditional linoleum prints.
  2. Create a process board as you document the process of creating your own finished piece.
Week 4
Technique: Collagraphs
  1. Basic and advanced collagraph techniques will be demonstrated.
  2. Create a collagraph kit to take directly into the classroom to prepare your students for endless possibilities with collagraphs.
Week 5
Technique: Alternative Printmaking Processes
  1. Explore a variety of new and alternative printmaking processes.
  2. Try 1–2 alternative printmaking techniques for yourself and share your process.
Week 6
Management and Organization
  1. Explore ways to manage the mess of printmaking from the experts.
  2. Craft an action plan and create tools to help you better manage the process in your classroom.
Week 7
Teacher Showcase Series and Reflection
  1. Create a body of personal work using new techniques and processes you learned in the course.
  2. Compile a final portfolio of work from the course, reflecting on your own work as you refine and improve your printmaking curriculum.
Week 8
Teacher Showcase Series and Reflection
  1. Create a body of personal work using new techniques and processes you learned in the course.
  2. Compile a final portfolio of work from the course, reflecting on your own work as you refine and improve your printmaking curriculum.

Linoleum Prints

A sample assignment from Week 3 of the class “Studio: Printmaking.”

1. Research

Watch a hands-on demonstration showcasing safety, organization and techniques associated with teaching linoleum printmaking in the classroom.

2. Discussion

Write a 3–4 paragraph action plan outlining how you plan to use linoleum prints in your art room. Your plan should include at least three different takeaways from the videos and handouts.

3. Creation

Create your own finished linoleum print, choosing an alternative technique or traditional method.
Kristina D.
"The pace of the class was perfect. It would fit so well into many of my colleague's schedules. All of the content is immediately applicable in the classroom at any level. It was great to share actual art and studio ideas with like-minded people!"
Stacey R.
"This class was the first opportunity that I've had to take a studio art class since I took a summer course many years ago. This class encouraged me to create process boards for each unit of printing that we explored. I have already used two of these in the classroom as visual instructions for printing centers. It also encouraged me to continue my printmaking art."
Tara H.
"I LOVE the idea of taking a studio class at home. I do not have the time, or a sitter, to take an extension class at the local college or university and really liked that I was able to try techniques out that I may not have otherwise. You are now my go-to resource for professional development!"

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