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3 Easy Setups for Parent Nights

You’ve spent hours hanging beautiful art displays in the hallway. You have dressed to the nines. You may have even cleaned your art room for parent night! But, the second parents start to flow into your room you freeze! The conversation stops awkwardly after the typical, “My student just LOVES art.” You are at a complete loss for words. But don’t worry! You can take steps to prepare for and prevent these awkward moments. Watch the video for three tips to get conversations going with your students’ parents!

Like the idea of the Beautiful Oops activity? Check out the items you’ll need to make your own below!


Click the image below to download the directions for this activity.

Click for free download!
Click for free download!

QR Codes

You will want families to be able to watch this Beautiful Oops Video. Having a QR code for them to scan is a great way to share the video! If you need more info about QR codes, including step-by-step instructions, read The Ultimate Guide to Using QR Codes in the Art Room.


You will need to create some dice with different lines for your families to roll. Mine were inspired by this post from the blog Barbara’s Thought of the Day.

line dice

Alternatively, you can create a “Roll a Line” activity using regular dice. For example, if families roll a “1” they need to draw a wavy line, if they roll a “2” they need to draw a zig-zag line, etc.

Paper and Writing Utensils

Simple computer paper and markers will do the trick!

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Do you host parents in your room or in a common area?

What has been the best activity you’ve done for parent and family nights?


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