Use Flickr to Create Digital Portfolios in Minutes

Art teachers are always looking for ways for students to share their artwork.  Uploading students artwork to a website or hanging it up to display can be very time consuming.  I use to spend hours uploading students artwork from my camera to my classroom website or Picasa, an online photo storage site. Others may find Artsonia is perfect for the Elementary level but can easily be grown out of at the middle school and high school level.

I now use Flickr to house my student’s artwork digitally. Check out this video showing how my students use Flickr in the art room with their iPads!

This process now takes me a few minutes versus the hours it used to take.  Two major things happened to help with this process: One was becoming a 1:1 school with iPads. Two was using Flickr’s unique email upload address given to each Flickr account  to instantly upload photos.

This unique email upload address that is given to your Flickr account allows you to simply upload a picture to your account by sending it via email.  The email you send it to is given to you by Flickr.

To get set up with your unique email upload address follow these steps.

1)      Sign up for your own Flickr account.  It’s free and keeps your first 200 pictures.  Upgrade to a Pro account for unlimited online storage.

2)      While you are signed in click on the Explore tab.

3)      Click on Flickr for mobile.

4)      Click on Upload via email.

5)      Click on Set it up here.

6)      Take a photo on your iPad or mobile device.

7)      Email it to your unique email upload address.

8)       The subject line of the email is used as the title, and the body is posted as the photo description.

9)      Check out your Flickr account to see your recently uploaded artwork.

10)   Search for your Flickr account by your account name.

11)   Switch the search tab from photos to people.

12)   Click on your name.

13)   See your students’ newly added artwork.

14)   Uploading pictures online is now a breeze with Flickr! Enjoy sharing artwork instantly and creating an online community!



Students can upload their own pictures to your Flickr account via email.  I now spend maybe a few minutes organizing students’ artwork into sets on Flickr and then linking that set to my classroom website.

How do you share students’ artwork with others digitally?

What makes displaying or sharing students’ artwork a breeze for you?

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Chelsie Meyer

Chelsie Meyer, an art educator, is a former AOEU Writer.

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