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Glue Stick or Glue Bottle? That is the Question.

Glue is an issue in every art classroom.  We are forever teaching our students (at every age) how to use glue, how much to use and how to care for it.  I have always been a fan of the glue bottle, but other teachers I know won’t touch the stuff!  Some classrooms are pro glue stick, while others use nothing but watered down glue and paint brushes.  Some art teachers have a gluing station and others use glue mats under student work.  There are SO MANY ways to get your glue on!

Let’s take a minute to compare the pros and cons of the bottle verses the stick – two of the most commonly used glue methods out there.

Glue Comparison Chart

I invite you to weigh in: which glue is the one for you?

Heather is AOE’s Project Manager and an expert in differentiation, curriculum development, and assessment. She is a veteran teacher in the art room and at the graduate level.