A Choice Board for the Elementary Art Room

I recently wrote an article about how to use a choice board with middle school students. I’m here today to show you an elementary art history choice board. This art history choice board was created for students to use if they finish an art project before the class is ready to start the next project.

Elementary Choice Board The choice board is attached to a bulletin board in the back of the classroom. Use a Rubbermaid container for each activity. Label each one with the image that matches the multiple intelligences and the name of the activity inside. Students can go over to the choice board and pick an activity and a Rubbermaid. Since there are two activities for each square, you have the option to put one or two activities in each container. These activities are intended to be independent, additional activities for students to work on once they complete their art projects.

Have you ever used a choice board in your classroom?

What other topics would you like to see in a choice board? I love to hear your ideas!

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Cassidy Reinken

Cassidy Reinken, an art educator, is a former AOEU Writer. She enjoys helping students solve problems and reach their potential.

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