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My Favorite Economical Glaze: Amoco Teacher’s Palette

If you flip through your Sax or Dick Blick catalog, you will find over 12 pages filled with a variety of different glazes made by different companies. You can find over 30 yellow glazes, 33 red glazes, and 83 blue glazes. The glazes drastically vary in price depending on the brand and color. As we all know, glaze is one of the most expensive items we purchase for our classrooms.

Like many other art teachers, I have a very limited art budget. The first year I taught at my current school, I couldn’t afford to purchase glaze. It wasn’t until the second year that I had enough supplies saved up so I could afford to buy glaze. Naturally I searched through the school supply catalogues for the most inexpensive glaze I could find. I accepted that I might need to search for quantity over quality. I stumbled across what is now my favorite economical glaze: Amoco Teacher’s Palette Glaze

20130501_152249 copy

Here are  6 reasons why I love Teacher’s Palette Glaze.

1. It’s inexpensive.

No matter what color you buy, they all cost the same. A pint from Dick Blick is $6.96 and an 8 oz. is 11.99. A pint from Sax is 6.55 and an 8 oz. is $10.89. Bonus- both companies sell select colors in gallons for around $55.00

2. They come in class sets.

You can purchase these glazes in class sets of pints or 8 oz. jars.

3. Amaco Teacher’s Palette Glazes are lead-free!

Definitely a must have for children.

4. These glazes can be mixed together with another Teachers Palette color.

5. The red always turns out red.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had trouble with firing red glazes. I’ve had excellent results with the Brick Red. It’s definitely not the most brilliant or bright red in the world, but it is pretty.

6. The colors are truly beautiful!

The catalogs and websites don’t do the colors justice. The colors look much better in person, trust me!

20130501_123027 copy

You can’t go wrong with buying Amoco Teacher’s Palette glazes. They’re inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes, are easy to mix, and produce beautiful colors. Be sure to add them to your supply list next year!

Do you have a go to glaze you frequently purchase?

Any duds you wouldn’t recommend? 

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Cassidy Reinken

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