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3 Technology Tutorials for Techie Art Teachers

While browsing Pinterest, we often see cool technology projects for the art room, but it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how they were made. Digital art can be a totally different beast, and the organization needed to pull it off can be daunting.

The AOE 2015 Online Conference will feature forward-thinking art educators sharing HOW to quickly dive into innovative technology projects.

Here is an overview of 3 of our favorite presentations that focus on technology that you can see this summer and why we think they are pretty awesome.


1. Taking the Mystery out of Augmented Reality

Who: Theresa Gillespie
What: Augmented Reality
Why we love it: Augmented reality takes something stale and plain and brings it to life using an App called Aurasma. Theresa will provide detailed tutorials outlining 5 different ways to use this one App. See an example of just one way to bring a piece of student artwork to life below.

2. Designing like a Boss: Graphic Design Projects for even the Most Technophobic Art Teacher

Who: Andrew McCormick
What: Graphic Design with Sumo Paint (free!) and Photoshop
Why we love it: While Photoshop is great, we can’t all afford it. In addition to Photoshop, Andrew will walk you through a free alternative. He’s sharing two engaging graphic design projects for your secondary students.
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.45.12 PM

3. GIF Animations: A Next Level Graphic Design Project for Secondary Students

Who: Andrew McCormick
What: GIFS
Why we love it: This is one of five FREE BONUS presentations included in the AOE After Pass. You won’t see it live on July 16th, but you can review it for up to 6 months after the conference. GIFS are incredibly popular now with students, as they are commonplace in the world of social media on platforms like Twitter, Vine, Tumblr and more. Whether they’re simple or complex, creating animations is a great STEAM project that teaches a number of 21st Century Skills. Andrew will show you how!

And if we didn’t have your attention already with the fish example above, scroll down for a WILD example. Seriously- if you’re prone to seizures, you should probably stop here.


Whether you are tech-phobic and want to get started or already knee-deep in technology curriculum, there is a little something for any art ed technology lover at the AOE Summer Conference! Sign up today!


What are your favorite tech projects to do with your students?


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