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Introducing the Newest AOE Podcast: Everyday Art Room with Cassie Stephens

Today we’re sharing some exciting news! The Art of Education is officially launching its newest podcast, Everyday Art Room. The show is hosted by the incomparable Cassie Stephens, and new episodes will debut every Thursday.  But you don’t have to wait– you can check out the first episode by clicking the links below, or go ahead and subscribe on iTunes right now!

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Episode 1: 8 Routines for a Successful School Year

AOE is thrilled to release the first episode of Everyday Art Room today! Click here for the episode description, related links, and the full transcript.

An Elementary Perspective

Art Ed Radio–a weekly audio podcast for art teachers–has been very successful over the past 18 months, and we are excited to branch out even further with a new podcast. Everyday Art Room is a specific look at elementary art teaching and will focus on topics that the current podcast just doesn’t cover. Cassie will offer advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching–and you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

Cassie was kind enough to join Tim on an episode of Art Ed Radio recently, and they spent a little bit of time talking about the new podcast.

Read what Cassie had to say below:

On the new style and idea of the podcast . . .

“The podcast is geared toward elementary art teachers. I feel like at the beginning of every school year, no matter how long you’ve been teaching, you want to set the tone that’s going to establish your art room for the entire year. Basically, the first handful of podcasts are just digging deep into what you need those first couple of days and weeks to have a great and successful school year.”

On what she wants people to take away when they listen . . .

“I want to share more about the projects that I do in my art room, the nitty-gritty of what kind of painting supplies, how to set up your art room for a successful painting unit or clay unit, really digging deep into all those things “elementary art room” so that teachers feel really excited and a little bit more prepared when they approach teaching their own art kids.”

On what she wants to accomplish with the podcast . . .

“I want to reach out to those teachers who might feel like they’re on a lonely island and offer a little bit of help, advice if I can, and just for them to know you’re not alone. We are all in this together. None of us know exactly what we’re doing, which is the beauty of it, because we can all continue to grow the way that we are meant to grow. I think that if that podcast can help just a few people, it will make a big difference.”

New episodes of Everyday Art Room will debut every single Thursday right here, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. If you love the show, please leave a rating and a review so it’s easier for other art teachers to find the podcast. Make sure you come back next week as Cassie shares the only 3 rules you’ll ever need for your art room!

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