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Announcing Jen Stark as the Featured Presenter at Art Ed Now!

Today we’re thrilled to announce Jen Stark as the featured presenter for the Art Ed Now 2018 Summer Online Conference!  You probably know her paper sculptures, her incredibly colorful paintings, or even her animations.

And she has a message just for you!

Jen at Art Ed Now

During the conference, Jen will share more about where she finds inspiration and her working process. She will talk about her vibrant use of color, her creativity, and her own experiences as an art student. You might be surprised by some of the things she has to say!

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A Sneak Peek

If you can’t wait until August 2nd, you’re in luck! Today, Jen sits down with AOE writer Abby Schukei on the Art Ed Radio podcast! They discuss her career, her work, and her education in the arts. It is both a thoughtful and entertaining episode you won’t want to miss! Here are a few highlights:

On how her work translates to the classroom, and the connections she has with students:

“It’s incredible to me that so many teachers are teaching my art to students. I’m so grateful my work has that inspiration and spark. I love it! I am taken aback by all the social media love, but I try to interact with the teachers and students whenever I see them online.”

image via Jen Stark

On the development of her personal artistic style:

“My artistic style came from a love of process, accumulation, repetition, and a lot of different layers. I’ve always loved those themes. I started experimenting with construction paper, turning two-dimensional paper into three-dimensional sculptures. The necessity of not having ‘fancy’ supplies made me think out of the box and try something new.”

image via Jen Stark

On her sketchbook and her artmaking process:

“For me, the sketchbook is the beginning. It’s where I can turn the thoughts in my brain into something physical. My sketchbook is the most important tool. It’s the most freeing, the most spontaneous, and the most fun way to figure out which ideas are best.”

image via Jen Stark

Jen’s unique style and outlook make for some incredible artwork (and fashion), and her passion is inspiring. There will be so much to enjoy and learn as she dives deep into her own life and her work on August 2nd at Art Ed Now. You will also have the chance to hear 20+ other amazing and inspiring presenters speak about the most important topics in art education today.

Click here to see more about the amazing teachers who will be sharing, and the descriptions of their presentations. Presentations will continue to be announced as we move toward the day of the conference, and every presentation will be relevant to what you do every day in the art room. This will be a conference you won’t want to miss! Make sure you register today!

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For complete event details, head over to the conference page.

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Timothy Bogatz

Tim Bogatz is AOEU’s Content & PD Event Manager and a former AOEU Writer and high school art educator. He focuses on creativity development, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking skills in the art room.

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