Your back-to-school prep as an art teacher is different—from restocking art supplies, organizing, and creating inspiring spaces for artistic exploration to curriculum planning, incorporating new techniques, arts integration, and assessment. You deserve support that matches your unique art teacher energy.
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Exclusive Resources to Energize Your Art Room

From strategies to tackle student engagement and chronic absenteeism to curriculum evaluation and cross-curricular planning, find the back-to-school boost you need to guide your students’ artistic growth with unwavering encouragement.

10 Tips to Boost Student Engagement

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FLEX + PRO Cross-Curricular Sampler

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K-12 Visual Arts Curriculum Evaluation Rubric

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First Year Art Teacher’s Guide

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Art Teacher Approved Back-to-School Shopping

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Elements & Principles of Art Posters

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The 8 Best Downloads for Art Teachers to Stand Out This Year

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Ignite your students’ creativity this fall with a robust library of lesson plans, resources, and assessments that are ready-to-use yet flexible to meet the unique needs of your student-artists.

Unleash your superpowers with online professional development created for K-12 art teachers. With over 200 topics to choose from, you’ll find relevant content and resources to help you save the day in your art room.

Introducing our Curriculum and Instruction Master’s Degree

Expanding on the success of our Master of Arts in Art Education degree—an online program with over 1,200 students and alumni—art educators can now enroll in a one-of-a-kind curriculum and instruction degree specific to visual arts: a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (MEd). Join our first cohort starting on September 4.

Organize With Us!

Heading back to school to prepare your art room can be daunting—art rooms have a wide variety of supplies, require flexible workspaces for specific mediums, and need to be able to store large quantities of artwork in various stages and sizes.

Welcome to the Art of Education University’s Artfully Organized series where we provide tips, tricks, and hacks to bring order to your art room. We’ll address the unique challenges and complexities that come with art room organization! Join Paula Liz as she brings together several art teachers to tackle labeling, table caddies, learning target walls, and more. Stay tuned to see how art room organization is unique, like you!

Elevate Your Art Room Impact

Earn graduate credit as you start the new school year. With more than 30 graduate courses created for art teachers by art teachers – we have the course for you.

Art and Early Childhood Education

Embrace the energy and curiosity of young students by balancing productive play and structure to nurture the artmaking and creative thinking skills of preschool through 2nd-grade learners.

Therapeutic Practices in Art Education

Explore the transformative power of creativity through therapeutic artmaking activities and reflective practices in both the classroom and your personal artmaking practice.

Managing the Art Room

An effectively managed art room is within reach; learn how to construct a complete classroom management action plan to put to immediate use in your teaching practice.

Studio: Fibers

Add to your body of work traditional and innovative fiber arts practices plus curricular development that will inspire your classroom artists.

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