Tips for a Successful Ceiling Legacy Project

There are many ways to do a ceiling legacy project. No matter how you go about it, it’s always a hit with students. However, with a few tweaks, you can also make it a great way to recruit future students for your classes! Watch the video to find out how.

2 years ago

Luke Nielsen


Luke Nielsen is a dynamic high school art teacher from St. Ansgar, Iowa and an AOE guest contributor.


  • Ms. P

    I wish our fire marshal allowed this! I’ve asked every year and every year I’m told it’s a fire hazard. :(

    • Shannon Ashley

      Same here. I wonder what can we do to convince them otherwise…? Did they explain to you why its a fire hazard because I didn’t get one, just a flat out you can’t.

  • Sheri Bulluck

    My 8th graders’ legacy project is painting chairs. They pick an artist and paint a chair in the style of that artist. The picture attached is of a group of 3 girls working on Starry Night. They also paint their names on the back. We seal them and they are used every day in my classroom. We have almost painted all our chairs and may have to begin blessing other teachers with painted chairs OR pick a new project.