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Art Ed Radio Debuts Today!

Today, we’re sharing some exciting news! The Art of Education is officially launching its new podcast, Art Ed Radio. New episodes will debut every Tuesday right here. But you don’t have to wait—you can check out the first three episodes by clicking the links below, or go ahead and subscribe on iTunes right now!

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Episode 1: “Is Originality Dead


Andrew and Tim are excited to be debuting the first episode of Art Ed Radio. They tackle the age-old question of originality, what purpose it serves in the art room, and what we can do to ensure that our students are creating original work. Listen for the guys talking about Chuck Close (11:45), Andrew working weightlifting into the conversation (16:00), Tim talking about his mantra of “make it your own” (21:00), and why originality is worth striving for—even if it doesn’t always come easily (25:45). Episode links, guest info, and full transcript.

Episode 2: “From Talented to Terrible, Find Success Teaching Every Student

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Art of Ed writer Abby Schukei joins Tim to share strategies to help every student find success, which encourages and empowers them to continue to create. They talk about Instagram and how social media allows us to move artwork beyond our classroom walls (10:00), and why Abby lets her worst-behaved students do whatever they want—within reason (19:00). Tim closes the show with some important thoughts on developing an authentic audience for our students to encourage their persistence and perseverance (21:00). Episode links, guest info, and full transcript.

Episode 3: “Art Room Branding: Projects That Define Your Program

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Andrew takes his first turn in the host chair for a discussion with Tim on the biggest things we do—the projects that define our programs. Andrew discusses inspiration, collaboration, and curriculum (2:45), with maybe a mention of zombies thrown in. Tim talks about his underwater photo shoot (7:00), trying not to get fired after throwing things at his students (9:00), and why we need to always continue to push the envelope (11:30). Listen for Andrew’s thoughts on how serendipity can lead to great projects, but only if you’re ready to dive in! (26:00) Episode links, guest info, and full transcript.

Twice the Hosts, Twice the Fun

After last year’s incredibly successful run with AOE LIVE came to an end, the AOE team began working on Art Ed Radio–a weekly audio podcast for art teachers. We couldn’t be more excited to share our first episodes with you, featuring our hosts Andrew McCormick and Tim Bogatz. Between the two of them, they have made enough mistakes and had enough successes in the art room for several lifetimes. On Art Ed Radio, discussing all levels of K–12 teaching, they’ll make you think, they’ll make you laugh, and they may even make you cry.

We asked Andrew and Tim to talk about what they want to accomplish with Art Ed Radio, how two hosts can work together on a single show, and why Andrew is going to have to talk just a little bit less than he’d like with this new format. 😉

Read what they had to say below:

On the new style of the podcast . . .

Tim: So, Andrew, let’s talk about Art Ed Radio. I’m really excited about the new format for the podcast—quicker episodes, more relevant discussions, and a much more specific focus on what happens in our classroom. I loved doing AOE LIVE—I miss it quite a bit, actually—but I know this podcast is going to be even better.

Andrew: I loved talking with all the big, boisterous personalities, but I know sometimes we went a little long with our episodes. The hope now is to structure our episodes on specific topics, relevant ideas and keep them short and sweet. So while the episodes will be shorter, we’ll be able to produce them quicker. We’ll be going to a weekly format!

On the shorter episodes . . .

Tim: I think the shorter episodes work a lot better for teachers too. Those 45- or 50-minute, in-depth conversations were fascinating, but they were, honestly, too long sometimes. People are busy, and it’s tough to carve out an hour to listen to a podcast. These 20–25-minute shows are perfect for a drive into work or just a quick listen over lunch while you eat by yourself (as far too many of us do).

Andrew: For sure! I really like listening to podcasts in the morning while driving to school. I can listen to the first 15 minutes on my morning commute and finish up the last 10 minutes or so as I’m prepping for the day. It’ll be like a little nugget of wisdom to pick you up on Tuesday morning… like that morning coffee.

On Hosting Some Episodes Separately . . .

Andrew: A fair number of shows will be the two of us going back and forth and discussing a hot topic in art education. Other times, we’ll take turns hosting with different guests. Sometimes, I’ll bring in a guest to cover topics I’m really passionate about and interested in, and vice-versa. I think this is going to be a great format. Our interests are different, and I like that we can host shows and explore different ideas without stepping on each others’ toes.

Tim: Agreed. I can nerd out about color theory with my guests when you really couldn’t care less. Then, you can do your own episodes where you talk about technology that I will never use and makerspaces that I will never have. And I don’t even have to pretend to be interested!

On What They Want to Accomplish . . .

Tim: My biggest goal for the show, though, is to give people the opportunity to listen to discussions and think about how that can affect what they do in the classroom.

Andrew: That’s what we want to do, right? Bring on some great guests, talk about best practices, help people with their own teaching! To me, I want to capture the goodness we had with AOE LIVE without having to deal with some of the awkward tech glitches that came up as we filmed it live. If we can accomplish that while being entertaining, we’ve definitely done our job with this podcast!

New episodes of Art Ed Radio will debut every single Tuesday right here, and you can also subscribe on iTunes. Our first three episodes are available now. Make sure you come back next week as we tackle something all art teachers love to hate, data!

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What are you looking forward to with the new Art Ed Radio podcast?


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