AOEU-Waldorf University Pathway

Master of Education in Teaching & Learning

with a Focus on Art Education

AOEU and Waldorf University offer a joint 36-credit graduate-level program. Students first take 18 art-education-specific credits at AOEU before applying to Waldorf University to complete the remaining credits and earn a regionally accredited Master of Education in Teaching and Learning.

This pathway is ideal for educators seeking art education courses while earning a degree that fulfills their state or district’s accreditation standards.

Start this pathway by completing six AOEU courses that touch on classroom management techniques and current instructional strategy practices for art educators. Students will also take courses to expand their knowledge of creative thinking, look at trends in educational technology, explore social and emotional competencies as they relate to the art room, and learn how to advocate for the integration of visual arts into other disciplines.

When a student’s coursework at AOEU is coming to an end, students will be introduced to their advisor at Waldorf University to help them through the admissions process and work alongside them for the remainder of their degree. At Waldorf University, students can expect to receive an education that will strengthen their teaching effectiveness, refine their leadership skills, and grow their potential in the education field.

Explore the classes specifically tailored to enhance your skillsets as an art teacher and review the courses you’ll take at each university.

  • Personal Leadership Skills and Team Building
  • Student-Centered Differentiated Learning
  • Building Professional Community Relationships
  • Assessment, Learning, and Action Research
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Personal Leadership Development

Your AOEU academic advisor will help you plan your timeline, with most students completing the first 18 credits of the program in 12-18 months. Designed for working teachers, you can learn at your own pace and easily balance your professional and personal commitments. By joining this pathway you’ll engage with a vibrant community of art teachers through weekly discussion boards and collaboration.


What degree can I earn through the AOEU-Waldorf pathway?
On this pathway, students who graduate from Waldorf University will earn a Master of Education (MEd) in Teaching and Learning. There is no specialization associated with this degree. The final degree and transcript come from Waldorf University.

What is the course experience like at both universities?
Waldorf University and AOEU offer 8-week courses and have start dates each month, so students will not have to wait long to join a course. AOEU uses an LMS called Brightspace to relay course curriculum to students and Waldorf University utilizes Blackboard. Contact Waldorf to learn more about your specific course schedules.

Can I apply for financial aid on the AOEU-Waldorf Pathway?
AOEU does not participate in Title IV so we currently do not accept federal financial aid. Please contact Lillian Lam for more information concerning financial aid at Waldorf University.

Will this pathway result in a teaching license?
No. This degree pathway results in a Master of Education (MEd) in Teaching and Learning, but it is not a teacher licensure program.

What is the tuition at Waldorf University and The Art of Education University?
Please contact our Partnership Coordinator, Jennifer Borel for more information on tuition at AOEU and Lillian Lam for tuition information at Waldorf University.