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Try a Turtle-Rabbit Meter to Pace Your Students

Pacing is a frequent concern in traditional elementary art rooms. Student artists work at varying paces and levels of intensity. This is especially true with our youngest artists, as they are still learning basic time management skills.

This video demonstrates a simple and engaging strategy for helping your students learn to pace themselves. No clock reading skills are necessary, making it ideal for early elementary!

And, if you do end up with early finishers, don’t worry! We have you covered in the Meaningful Methods for Early Finishers PRO Learning Pack. Be sure to check it out!

How do you help students learn to manage time in your classroom?

What other strategies do you use to help students complete tasks on time?

The visuals for this project were inspired by images found at clipartpanda.com.
3 years ago

Lindsey Moss

Learning Team

Lindsey Moss is an elementary art teacher in Yorkville, Illinois. She enjoys art history and finding creative and artistic solutions to educational challenges.