Save These Handy FLEX Resources to Help Students Plan Artwork and Understand Aesthetics (FLEX Release)

You’ve worked hard this year—now it’s time for some much-needed R&R! Spend time looking ahead to next year with this month’s FLEX release and you’ll be even more set to jump into summer mode.

Stash these resources that encourage students to explore aesthetics and promote purposeful planning for when you get back to making art in the fall. Your future self will thank you for getting a head-start on the 2023–24 school year by taking a peek!

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Check out this resource to prompt student reflection.

Let’s talk about art! The Aesthetics resources support students in developing a philosophy of art while helping them to evaluate their artwork and the artwork of others. Try starting the year with the What is Art? resource to prompt personal reflection on the nature of art and go from there! Find this resource in FLEX Curriculum if you’re a user.

What is Art (Advanced) Blur

Cultivate time management skills with this goal sheet.

Get a plan going! The My Art Planning resource helps students visualize each step in the artistic process and offers practice in staying organized, managing time, and persevering. Have the Project Pacing Goal Sheet ready for the first big project of the year to empower your students to reach their goals! Find this resource in FLEX Curriculum if you’re a user.

Project Pacing Goal Sheet

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Are you looking for more ways to support students in evaluating and planning artwork? Check out the Methods for Analyzing Art and Helping Students Plan Artwork Packs in PRO Learning. If you do not currently receive PRO Learning but would like to learn more, fill out this quick contact form.

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