Quality Holistic Tips to Care for Mental Health in Your Art Room (PRO Release)

Art goes beyond teaching skills and techniques. As artists and teachers, no one knows this better than you. Caring for your students’ mental health and overall growth is ultimately more important than mixing the right colors to make green. The latest PRO Learning Packs and Playlists offer invaluable resources to enhance your teaching practice and directly contribute to the holistic care of your students’ mental health.

Nurture a safe space for creativity, self-discovery, and emotional well-being in your art room with these three easy tips.

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1. Introduce weaving to foster mindfulness and a growth mindset.

Weaving nurtures both the tactile and emotional dimensions of creativity. The repetitive nature immerses students in the creative process, allowing them to find calm and focus amidst chaos. Being able to undo mistakes with relative ease encourages a growth mindset. Students learn to view setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth.

The Getting Started with Elementary Weaving Pack from PRO Learning takes weaving beyond the loom. It equips young artists with basic weaving techniques and a mindset to face life’s challenges with artistic grace.

2. Tap into the power of social-emotional artmaking experiences.

Provide a safe outlet for students to process their emotions and build self-awareness. Encourage them to channel their feelings, experiences, and dreams into their creative endeavors. Collaborative and individual social-emotional artmaking fosters empathy, allowing students to think of other perspectives and enhancing their emotional intelligence. This open dialogue ultimately promotes emotional well-being and resilience.

The Social-Emotional Learning Through Artmaking Pack from PRO Learning enhances your students’ holistic development. It provides you with art-specific knowledge and tools to seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional SEL approaches and art education.

3. Establish meaningful connections with your students.

Build quality relationships with your students to turn your art room into a space where they explore their creative potential and navigate the complexities of their emotions. When students feel seen, heard, and valued, they are more likely to open up, share their thoughts, and seek support when needed. Through genuine connections, you help them develop the social-emotional skills that form the foundation for their mental and emotional well-being.

The Relationship Building Playlist from PRO Learning provides valuable resources, strategies, and insights. These can support you in establishing meaningful connections with your students, ultimately enhancing their experience in the art room.


You don’t have to start from ground zero when it comes to teaching art and caring for your students’ mental health.

The Preparing to Teach Art Playlist from PRO Learning is your comprehensive guide with advice, tips, and strategies to curate a holistic approach to teaching art. It has relevant ideas for any art teacher—whether you’re preparing for your first year or are an experienced teacher.


Prioritize your students’ emotional well-being alongside their creative growth by introducing practices like weaving for mindfulness, tapping into the power of social-emotional artmaking, and establishing meaningful connections. These holistic strategies empower students to express themselves, cultivate resilience, and build empathy. Shape young artists today to become the well-rounded individuals of tomorrow.

How do you foster mental and emotional well-being in your art room?

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Natalie Fenton

Natalie Fenton is a former high school art educator and AOEU’s Growth Marketing Manager.

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