Delightful Resources to Connect Your Art Lessons to the Real World (FLEX Release)

It’s all about context! Connecting your lessons to the real world engages your students on a whole new level, making art education more impactful and meaningful. Equip your students with the knowledge and inspiration they need to become artists and informed, passionate contributors to society. If you’re unsure where to start, the latest resources from FLEX Curriculum are here to help!

Provide your students with a deeper understanding of how art integrates into the world around them with the two resources below.

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Feature visual-arts-related Career Profiles to show students where their art skills can take them.

By showcasing diverse professions, from graphic designers to illustrators, art therapists to architects, you provide your students with a tangible connection between their passion for art and their potential future careers. Explore the skills, education, and experiences required for each profession to help students chart their paths and illuminate available opportunities. Career Profiles motivate your students to create art and envision a fulfilling future where their artistic passions and talents flourish in meaningful and rewarding ways.

The new Career Profiles from FLEX Curriculum offer insights into a range of visual arts-related careers through one-page snapshots, available at three reading levels. They’re perfect for sparking curiosity, promoting community connections, and highlighting the real-world value of the arts.

Incorporate artist bios to introduce students to creators from every geographic and historical corner of the art world.

Artist Bios offer a window into hundreds of artists’ lives, influences, and artistic journeys. By exploring the stories of artists from different eras and cultures, students discover that art transcends boundaries. They also are exposed to the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of individuals from all walks of life. Begin a lesson with an Artist Bio to increase artistic appreciation, cultural understanding, and student buy-in. Empower your students to explore the endless horizons of creative possibility through Artist Bios.

The new Artist Bios from FLEX Curriculum 
foster stimulating reading experiences, inspire meaningful reflections, and facilitate enlightening dialogues in your classroom. Thoughtfully crafted at two reading levels, they enrich your art curriculum by integrating literacy and critical-thinking skills. Explore the Artist Bio Toolkit to maximize your use of artist bios.

Streamline your resource library to give context with ease. FLEX Curriculum’s new and improved search has you covered.

Your quest for valuable teaching resources got a significant upgrade with FLEX’s enhanced search experience. Finding the right content can be like searching for a clean oil pastel—but not anymore! Improved capabilities make accessing materials on the platform easier and more intuitive. In addition, the revamped search ranks results more effectively and provides valuable suggestions for various content types. You now have better access to the resources you need to set your students up for success, no matter the context.

Connecting what you do in the art room to what art looks like in the real world gives students purpose and meaning in their artmaking. Explore fascinating visual-art-related Career Profiles and introduce unique creators with Artist Bios to get students excited and inspired. FLEX Curriculum has everything you need to make context-setting a breeze.

How do you provide context for your students’ artmaking experiences?

What career or artist will you feature in your art room next?

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Natalie Fenton

Natalie Fenton is a former high school art educator and AOEU’s Growth Marketing Manager.

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