Start Your Year Off Strong with the Studio Habits of Mind (PRO Release)

SHoM sample resources

Enhance your art curriculum with the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM) before the summer slips away and you have less time! The SHoM is a framework that follows moment-to-moment artistic habits throughout the creative process. Introduce this framework and language to kick off the year strong and keep students thinking like artists all year long. 


In this month’s PRO Learning release with facilitator Kim Marshall, explore ways to introduce and intentionally engage elementary students in the Studio Habits of Mind. Discover effective strategies to foster growth, reflection, and artistic thought. Walk away with lesson examples, book titles, tips, printable resources, and more to use throughout the entire year! Find this Pack in PRO Learning if you’re a user, along with exclusive and instant access to new content, plus the entire PRO Learning Library.

SHoM sample resources

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Unleash more creativity and enhance your elementary art repertoire with the resources below.

The Magazine, Art Ed Radio Podcast, and PRO Learning Library all have even more relevant content to bring the Studio Habits of Mind into your elementary art room. Search each one for general themes and topics to continue your learning.

Here are four phrases to search for:

  1. Studio Habits of Mind
  2. Artistic Thinking and Problem-Solving
  3. Reflective Practices in Art Education
  4. Integrating Literacy and Art

To give you a head start on your search, take a peek at these SHoM resources from the archives:

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Natalie Fenton

Natalie Fenton is a former high school art educator and AOEU’s Growth Marketing Manager.

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